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Desulo municipality


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Branding Sardinian Heartland

The following is a Branding school project I developed when I was attending IED Master’s Degree. I also proposed to the Desulo municipality, which loved it. Unfortunately, small Italian towns are experiencing an extreme lack of budget for any project or activity. This brand is, therefore, a personal challenge which answers to the question: what could be the strategy to attract more tourists and make the area reborn, provided marketing budget?

The city needed a visual identity that could organise and simplify its communication to promote tourism in a beautiful but lesser known location. I wanted to represent a really small town which has a significant cultural, natural, and historical heritage. The area is far from big cities. I reckon that due to its setting and history, every activity, company, and traditional product can survive only thanks to tourism.

Amazing unspoilt nature

Deep roots in tradition and craft

One more Challenge

Most people associate Sardinia with crystalline sea water and white beaches, and only a few know the valleys and unspoiled mountains of the Gennargentu massif. Here you find Desulo, perched about a thousand meters above sea level.

The challenge was to represent and portray highlands on an island which is always seen as a sea paradise. An island in the middle of an island, Desulo is a fairy place, surrounded by nature and tradition, a magical place where time seems to stop.

Moodboard and concept study

Unspoilt nature, untouched history.

The village’s history is deeply bound to its mountain: poetry, craftsmanship, traditions, food, and even traditional clothes. It’s one of the few places in Sardinia where in winter you can go skiing. Desulo mountain changes colours with the seasons, and in each visit it’s like being in a different location. You can go trekking and enjoy pure air, participate in traditional feasts, explore the ancient town centre with its tiny stone paths and ancient houses, and, of course, taste delicious food.


Logo concept

Local identity is already strong

The challenge was to better represent all those concepts through a brand identity and a logo. What really helped me focus and understand which key features I should visually incorporate was a short documentary by Andrea Pecora about Desulo and its women. In fact, one of the most curious facts about this village is that elder women still wear on a daily-base one of Europe’s oldest-known traditional dress which is completely hand-sewn. This is why Desulo is a magical and timeless place.

A Modular Campaign

I ideated an ATL campaign which could promote the “heart of Sardinia” through the exclusion of the sea from the Sardinia narration.

The posters are designed to be complementary, posted one near the other for better memorability. Furthermore, the parts of the logo are broken down as decorative elements for each single poster subject: dress, crafts, nature.

All rights reserved to their respective owners, special thanks for the moodboard & billboard photos, and the inspirational video:
Daniele Saba | Emanuele Secci | Matteo Setzu | Andrea Pecora | Lucia Cossu