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Design for The Worst Client: Me.

As a designer, making something for yourself is probably the most difficult thing you can ever do. However, that moment comes for every graphic designer: make a logo, build a website, build some CVs and a portfolio, think about the business cards! The struggle is real, I can swear to it. So, this project will always be under way.

And how to represent this continuous evolution if not with such a changing element like the universe? Space for me represents my need to explore, marvel every day, break the mould to always deepen new topics. And why not? It also stands for my “explosive” character (hey, in a good way!): a dynamic one, always looking for new settings and cultural context to get inspired.


Vivid colours to play with, so that you can match Night Blue with any fluorescent colour in the palette, creating interesting combinations and effects.
The palette comes from galaxies, nebulae, chemical elements, and science in general.











Logo Study

The logo is a combo of my initials, S and F. For its construction I got the inspiration from some galaxy collision photos. For my brand identity, these merging galaxies represent my study and work fields (media communication science and graphic design). Therefore they are an allegory for my professional strength: I have a lot of different skills which are not limited to just one field.

These Merging-galaxies embody my craving for learning new things, my curiosity, my will of being an expert with a bigger vision of communication.

I don’t limit myself only to graphic design: I constantly try to stay updated and study the dynamics of communication both linguistic and promotional, verbal and non-verbal, ranging from social media to neuromarketing.

galaxies collision
Sara Frongia logo