Salumi Rovajo


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Brand Storytelling through the territory-telling

Rovajo is a traditional cured meat company based in the Sardinian heartland; their bond with Desulo – the small village in which the company was born – is extremely strong.
“La Montagna Produce” is a cultural and traditional festival that happens the first few days of November, in which Desulo displays its food, traditions, costumes, and history.
In 2018 Rovajo decided to participate in the event promotion by publishing on social media some evocative videos which could have the power to tell the territory’s features, creating brand awareness and strengthening the brand-territory bond.

In fact, in this video, you can see some traditional dresses and customs, some ancient hand spinning techniques, a drone footage of the village and mountain landscape, and the city narrow streets, but not the product.

Rovajo | La Montagna Produce 2018