Salumi Rovajo


  • UX/UI
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO

A New, Simpler, Website

Rovajo is an Italian food company producing traditional Sardinian cured meat. The website’s purpose is to create brand awareness and brand loyalty, illustrating products’ features and their company culture.

In 2016, I started collaborating with them for their website, and now, two years later, I was asked to refresh it with their new communication strategy: telling the product the story of their locality.

Rovajo Website in 2016

Yay! New photos!

For the new website, I contacted Daniele Saba, a young photographer. I helped him with the food styling and art direction, and we were able to experiment with food still-life and create a new important piece for Rovajo’s visual communication.

We aimed at “instagrammable” photos, with a few decorative elements, mostly the actual ingredients. We absolutely wanted to keep a long distance from the competitors’ style (who, for the moment, keep a common visual: dark and product filled scene, sorta Flemish painter’s kitchen table).

product pages
website single product page

Inbound strategy, and content that matters

I worked for Rovajo as a social media manager in 2014-2016, and now I’m taking over their communication management again. What changed in the meantime is that social media started selling a lot of ads, and people are tired of the same content everywhere. As the social networks started to use the “family-first” algorithm, brand pages are increasingly penalised. Therefore we needed to change the way we communicate online. We need to post less, but more relevant content.

Among the social media strategies, I proposed to re-open their blog to create relevant content and lead to the website. I’m currently working on it, but this time we won’t fill it just with recipes, we will also collaborate with the press, experts, and copy, and we’ll talk about Sardinia, Desulo traditions, telling the territory and the product history. We will focus on storytelling.