Altroconsumo & IED

Megrianne Vallejo, Roberta Gemellaro, Meiping Xie, Francesco Cardascia, Hans L. Helm



  • UX
  • UI
  • Prototype
  • Advertising proposal

Prepare the brand for the new consumer generation.

Altroconsumo is the largest independent and non-party political consumer organisation in Italy. They not only offer legal help to consumers but also provide a yearly subscription to monthly magazines in which they explain tricks and tips to be an informed consumer. Since their current target is mostly 45+ year-olds, they needed an up-to-date way to reach the new generation of consumers, Millennials, who are not interested in magazine subscriptions but in more dynamic and immediate ways to get information.

We ideated a full branding project, starting from the product concept and the user research, the naming, the website, and the promotional campaign. In particular, my role in the team was to focus on the app UI design and concept. I created the user experience and worked on the evaluation of all the interaction of the app prototype, starting from wireframes and delivering the pixel-perfect prototypes and mockups.

What We Delivered

An app to always have something to discover. Anywhere, anytime.
Zoom analyzes your interests and suggests activity packages, places, and events nearby. The objective: brand awareness, with a tailor-made service to always know what to do and how to spend your money consciously around the city.


Primary color


Food & Aperitivo




Outdoor activity



Each category has its colour, to intuitively find them around you. We chose bright colours which are trending among millennials, our target. The selection is based on the colour psychology theories.


We also created a video to launch the app. In this occasion, I created the storyboard and gave to the video editor all the indications on the interaction the app prototype should have had in every frame. Since the app was still a concept, being a final school project, the challenge here was to create an effective campaign imagining it as real.